Filthy Rich: Eugene Has a Warning for Margaret in Series Finale Sneak Peek

“Our dear Eugene, may he be looking down on us from heaven, proud of what God has done,” Margaret says in the series finale of Fox’s Filthy Rich. (Spoiler alert: He’s not looking down — and he’s not proud.) READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Post Mortems

Latest Masked Singer Castoff: 'I Think Sinatra Is Probably Rolling Over in His Grave Right Now'

And now, the end is near, one performer faces The Masked Singer‘s final curtain. My friends, he’ll say it clear, he’ll state his case of which he’s certain. He’s lived READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Family Guy: New Mayor Sam Elliott Has a Weird, Sexy Message for Meg — Watch

No one could ever truly replace Family Guy‘s Adam West, but its new mayor (guest voice Sam Elliott) will still try to win over the people of Quahog the best way he knows how — ripping on Meg. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO