Exclusive Enlisted Sneak Peek: Can Derrick Capture Sgt. Major Cody's Good Side?

Say cheese! Or maybe don’t….

This Friday on Enlisted (Fox, 9/8c), Sgt. Major Cody is in need of a portrait by a new photographer (and we use that term loosely), and TVLine has an exclusive first look. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Enlisted Sneak Peek: To Pete's Chagrin, the Platoon Rejoices Over 'Doody Duty'

Cleaning up after horses may not sound like a cush assignment, but the men and women of one Enlisted platoon are more than OK with it.

After all, as Chris Lowell’s Derrick explains in the following exclusive sneak peek from Friday’s episode (9/8c), being part of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Enlisted Sneak Peek: Randy's Brothers Catch Him Watching [Spoiler] on His Computer

Well, this is awkward.

This Friday on Fox’s Enlisted — which, remember, now airs bright and early at 9/8c, before Raising Hope — Pete and Derrick walk in on a half-naked Randy discreetly watching a certain kind of video on his laptop. And he’s crying while doing it…?! READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO