Dancing With the Stars Finale Results: And the Mirrorball Trophy Goes To…

After all the twists and turns, pratfalls and pitfalls, sambas and salsas– not to mention an endless stream of headline-grabbing delights from the Kirstie Alley School of Tearstained Drama — we’ve come to the end of what may be the most epic season of Dancing With The Stars ever. Can it be? Say it isn’t so!

I’ve indulged my inner beast all season by kvetching non-stop about my string of DWTS pet peeves—um, Dance Troupe, anyone?—but in honor of our new Mirrorball champion (see below) and the close of a mostly sensational Season 12, let’s focus on the positives, shall we? …READ MORE

Dancing With the Stars Recap and Polls: Who Will and Should Win the Mirrorball Trophy?

A lot of crazy stuff went down on Dancing With the Stars‘ Season 12 performance finale. Head judge Len Goodman used the word “booyakasha.” Host Tom Bergeron got nuzzled tenderly by a sexy Russian beast in a sheer tangerine shirt. “The world’s best dressed ugly mob” got rowdy on behalf of the fabulous Kirstie Alley. Hines Ward had the sleeves of his marching-band uniform torn off by a gold-dipped McDonald’s Fry Guy. And Chelsea Kane’s stunt outfit short-circuited like Brooke Burke’s brain without cue cards.

At the end of the hour, though, it all came down to the routines. …READ MORE

Derek Hough Skipping Upcoming DWTS Season: Will You Miss the Judges' Pet?

In a move that will reduce the show’s exposed-torso quotient by at least 25 percent, Derek Hough announced today that he’ll sit out the upcoming twelfth season of Dancing With the Stars as he pursues other projects, including the feature film Cobu 3D. “We wish Derek the best as he takes time off from Dancing with the Stars to pursue his film career and look forward to having him return to the show in the fall,” DWTS executive producer Conrad Green tells TVLine.com.

Now, the question arises: …READ MORE