Throwback Thursday

Melrose Place Turns 25: Darren Star Recalls 9 Crazy, Controversial Twists (Including One He Still Finds 'Chilling')

The only thing crazier than the plot twists served up by Melrose Place during its 226-episode run is the fact that it’s been nearly a quarter of a century since the madness began. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Post Mortems

Younger Premiere: EP Explains Kelsey's 'Complicated' Reaction to Liza's Truth, Hints at Her New Dynamic With Josh

Picking up immediately where its third season finale left off, Younger returned Wednesday to a familiar-yet-unlikely threesome: Liza, Kelsey… and the truth! READ MORE & GRADE THE PREMIERE

Post Mortems

Younger: Darren Star Breaks Down Biggest Finale Twists, Teases 'Major Ramifications' for Liza in Season 4

Warning: This article reveals major, game-changing plot points from Wednesday’s Younger finale.

Yes, Younger fans, that really did just happen. All of it: READ MORE & GRADE THE FINALE


Darren Star Reflects on Creating 90210, Sex and the City in AOL's Inspired Series

On March 31, Darren Star‘s Younger will premiere on TV Land, introducing viewers to his latest batch of fun, feisty female characters. But first, AOL is taking the über-creator back to his roots — beginning with the zip code that made him a household name. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO