Bones Season 10 Twist: Sweets Makes Contact With [Spoiler]!

Dr. Sweets is apparently getting a little restless in heaven.

In an upcoming episode of Bones, the late shrink’s spirit will connect with resident psychic Avalon Harmonia (returning guest star Cyndi Lauper) on a very special occasion. READ MORE


Exclusive Bones Video and Photos: Cyndi Lauper Returns for Twisty 150th Episode

For Bones‘ 150th episode, airing next Monday (Fox, 8/7c), the hit series turns things on its head and explores a murder investigation from the point of view of the victim. But in an effort to really get inside the mind of the deceased, the team once again summons iconic ’80s She Bopper Cyndi Lauper as psychic Avalon. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO AND VIEW PHOTOS