Exclusive Office First Look: Catherine Tate Eyes Top Job at Dunder Mifflin Scranton... Again!

Wondering what will become of Catherine Tate‘s Nellie Bertram now that Robert California has put the kibosh on her Sabre store pitch? She’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton-bound, of course.

The sassy Brit continues her Office arc this Thursday (9/8c, NBC), and we’ve got your exclusive first look …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Exclusive Office Video: Look Who's Baaack!

Knowing that Catherine Tate would be returning to The Office this week as special projects manager Nellie Bertram, we anticipated a couple of ROFL moments. But what we didn’t imagine — and I’m not sure anyone could have — was that her comeback would include a moment that would be better described as …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Office Exclusive: Catherine Tate Returning at Midseason For Major Arc

If this doesn’t get you to check back into The Office this seasonothing will: Uproarious British comedian Catherine Tate is returning to the show in February for an arc that will carry through for the remainder of the season (and hopefully beyond). READ MORE


The Office Exclusive: Ray Romano, James Spader, Catherine Tate in Running For Top Job

With Steve Carell’s Office exit set to air in a matter of weeks (April 28 to be exact), you’d think the pool of possible Michael Scott successors would be narrowing.

Think again.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that three additional names have been added to the short long list of potential replacements: …READ MORE