Legacies EPs Talk Crafting 'Satisfying, Nostalgic' Series Finale — First Look

For the brains behind The CW’s Legacies, writing Thursday’s series finale (9/8c) was about “specifically bringing this show to a close in as elegant a way as we could,” showrunner Brett Matthews tells TVLine. Any additional Easter eggs for longtime fans of the Vampire Diaries universe READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO

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Legacies EP on What Rafael's Premiere Discovery Really Means: 'He's Always Wondered Where He Comes From'

For the second time in a row, Legacies kicked off a new season with Hope out of commission, leaving her classmates to scramble like headless chickens — angsty, magical headless chickens. READ MORE & GRADE IT

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Legacies EP on Hope's Latest Sacrifice and Vardemus' Jaw-Dropping Reveal — Plus, Find Out Who's Visiting Freya

Thursday’s Legacies revealed that someone at the Salvatore School is not who they appear to be — which is saying a lot, considering a good portion of the student body is made up of literal werewolves. READ MORE