Shades of Funny

black-ish Creator Kenya Barris, EP Courtney Lilly Reflect on How the Comedy's 'Absolute' Blackness Has Been Key to Its Universal Appeal

Visitors to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., usually start their tour in the belly of the facility, where exhibits drive home the horrifying efficiency with which millions of African people READ MORE


Black Comedians Roundtable: Amanda Seales, J.B. Smoove, Nicole Byer and Others Open Up About Healing Through Laughter, Trailblazers and More

“Black people tend to be very funny during very dark times. It’s, like, in our DNA,” Nicole Byer of NBC’s Grand Crew shares during TVLine’s Shades of Funny roundtable video.

And modern times have seldom been as dark as these first years of the pandemic READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Shades of Funny

Bel-Air Bosses and Jabari Banks Talk Reimagining Fresh Prince, 'Electric' Will/Carlton Feud in Peacock Drama

When Morgan Cooper released the fictional trailer for Bel-Air in March 2019, he had no idea that his dramatic reimagining of the beloved sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would amass more than seven million views to date READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Shades of Funny

Phat Tuesdays Stand-Up Doc Pays Tribute to Black Comedy Trailblazers Robin Harris and Bernie Mac

Even if you’ve never heard of Phat Tuesdays, a night at The Comedy Store in Hollywood where various Black comedians got a chance to shine and get discovered, many of the names that graced the stage are well-known. READ MORE