Barrett Foa Reflects on His NCIS: LA Run and Finale Sendoff: 'I Love That I Got to Have One Family for So Long'

NCIS: Los AngelesBarrett Foa himself had a hand in one of the Season 12 finale’s big sendoffs. No, not his own nor co-star Renee Felice Smith’s. But that of Eric Beale’s mustache. READ MORE

NCIS: LA's Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith on Eric's 'Hairy' Arrest, Flirty Nell and Kensi's Return

Tonight on NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 9/8c), mild-mannered Eric Beale finds himself smack dab in the middle of a murder case — and not in a good way — when a college pal with access to Russian missile codes gets killed. And to get at the truth, his ops sidekick Nell will need to work her womanly wiles…?! Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith previewed for TVLine …READ MORE


Scoop: Romance For NCIS: LA's Geek Squad?

When NCIS: L.A.’s nerdy superstars, Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith, took the hot seat — that is, the TVLine sofa at Comic-Con — they teased with talk of an Eric/Nell hook-up. They tantalized with hints about new back-story chapters. And finally, they dropped a bombshell, revealing the “big no-no” that we can look forward to this fall. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO