Awake's Laura Allen: The Brittens' Marriage Is Tested, and 'Michael Goes Into a Bit of a Tailspin'

In the “red” reality of NBC’s Awake (Thursdays at 10/9c), Detective Britten’s wife Hannah is alive, yet she stands rather alone in mourning their son — seeing as Michael still gets to be with Rex in (what may or may not be) his dreams. This week, as Michael draws suspicion at work for always having inexplicable, fruitful hunches, at home he faces the reality that Hannah may be drifting away from him.

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Awake First Look Video: Britten's 'Hunches' Land Him In the FBI's Crosshairs

NBC’s Awake this week addresses the elephant in the room: For how long can Britten successfully work cases based on clues he gleans from his “other” reality before someone takes notice? And we’ve got a first look video at how the LAPD detective’s latest “hunch” lands him on the FBI’s radar. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Jason Isaacs Weighs In on Awake's Mysteries, Promises the Show Will Leave You Breathless

Jason Isaacs is admittedly a bit caught off guard that people are now actually watching NBC’s Awake (Thursdays at 10/9c). After all, the pilot was filmed about a year ago, and production on the 13-episode first season had wrapped before the premiere hit the airwaves earlier this month.

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Exclusive Awake Video: Will Britten Lose His [Spoiler] in Both Realities?

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