Fall TV Preview

Fox Sets Fall Premiere Dates for 9-1-1, Masked Singer, The Resident and Others

Last but never ever least, Fox — following The CWCBSABC and NBC — has revealed its schedule for the Fall 2021 season, and lo and behold they’ve put together a traditional “Premiere Week.” READ MORE

Post Mortems

9-1-1 Finale: EP Talks Eddie's Fate, Maddie's Journey and a 'Major Complication' Coming in Season 5

Warning: We’re about to spoil Monday’s 9-1-1 season finale. Haven’t watched yet? You know the drill.

Despite last week’s seemingly fatal cliffhanger, 9-1-1‘s fourth season actually ended on a high note for most of the 118. READ MORE & GRADE IT

Post Mortems

9-1-1's Peter Krause Talks Bobby and Athena's Big Fight, Says Cast Was 'Speechless' Over That Final Shot

Warning: We’re about to spoil the events of Monday’s 9-1-1. Haven’t watched? You’ve been warned.

The 118 could be down a team member — and a key relationship — after Monday’s harrowing hour READ MORE

Fall TV Preview

Fox's Fall Schedule Breaks Up 9-1-1s; Soapy Lee Daniels Drama Inherits Prodigal Son's Tuesday Time Slot

Fox is the latest broadcast network to unveil it’s 2021 Fall TV schedule (following NBC), and — emergency alert! — the network is temporarily breaking up 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star.