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Younger Recap
Courtesy of TV Land

More people should react to Liza’s big secret the way Caitlin did on Tuesday’s episode of Younger.

After learning that her daughter got her heart broken by an older boyfriend (aka her former teacher!) who had to keep their relationship a secret, Liza decided to share a similar anecdote from her current relationship with Charles. Unfortunately, this story required context, which meant that Liza had to come clean about her double life as a 27-year-old — and Caitlin’s response was incredible.

“You’re messing with me,” she said, fighting to hold back her laughter. When it became clear that Liza was, in fact, telling the truth, Caitlin replied, “Have they seen you in daylight?!”

After the mixed reactions we’ve seen from Liza’s secret over the years — Josh, Kelsey and Charles all exhibited various forms of outrage before eventually forgiving her for lying — it was really refreshing to see someone simply laugh off this ridiculous premise. And who better to do so than Liza’s own daughter?

Unfortunately, Liza’s advice to Caitlin (“We accept the love we think we deserve”) led to her pumping the brakes on things with Charles. “I just spent the weekend telling my daughter not to be some guy’s secret,” Liza told her boss-with-benefits at the end of the episode. “I don’t want to be in a relationship I can’t be open about.” And when Charles reminded her that “now is not the right time,” she simply replied, “Call me when it is.”

Elsewhere this week…

* Is Josh really over Liza for good? Upon learning that she and Charles are still a thing, he flipped out, telling Liza, “You don’t even know what real is anymore,” adding that her relationship with Charles will never be real. Personally, I think he was speaking more out of hurt than out of truth, but he still got his dragon tattoo removed at the end of the episode. (“I’m done with it.”)

* Diana’s hubris got the better of her when she told Enzo’s mother she can cook, earning her an invite to Sunday dinner — where she was expected to help out in the kitchen. (Her willingness to stick her hands in a bowl of eels should be proof enough that she loves him.) Unfortunately, her hasty decision to garnish those eels with cheese earned her a public shaming, causing her to put Enzo’s entire family in its place before storming out. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending: Enzo decided to rent an apartment in Manhattan and finally move out on his own. (“I have a crazy family, and I might be a late bloomer, but I’ve got a lot to give,” he told her.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Younger? Hope for the final two episodes of the season? Drop ‘em in a comment below.
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