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Mandalorian Recap 3x07
(R): Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Disney+

This week on The Mandalorian, a familiar face returned… a name from the sequel trilogy was heard… and Grogu said his first words. (A lot.)

Oh, and someone died.

Season 3’s penultimate episode opened with Elia Kane aka G68 skulking around Coruscant, to meet up with an Imperial probe droid that, after scanning her face, spat out a hologram of Moff Gideon. Elia reported to Gideon that the pirates’ storming of Nevarro was foiled by a buncha Mandalorians — namely, Bo-Katan and Din Djarin.

An irked Gideon, wherever he is, slipped off for a holo-meeting with the Shadow Council, which is comprised of Captain Pellaeon (played by 24‘s Xander Berkeley), the cloning-obsessed Commandant Brendol Hux (Brian Gleeson, brother of the sequel trilogy’s Domhnall “General Armitage Hux” Gleeson) and others. Gideon scoffed when Pellaeon spoke loftily of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s imminent return, and countered that maybe new leadership is needed. Gideon said that with the Mandalorians plotting to retake their home world — something that would “hamper” the council’s plans — he needs the resources he deserves, in the form of bodyguards, TIE fighters and bombers. With that request promptly approved, he declares, “We shall be rid of the Mandalorians once and for all! Long live the Empire!”

Mandalorian Grogu Ig-12Meanwhile on Nevarro, Bo brings the Mandalorians that she rounded up to meet the Armorer, Paz Viszla et al, and share in a feast. Din meets with Greef, who reveals a rejiggered IG-11, now known as IG-12 — and which is now piloted by an Anzellan… and then, a moment later, by Grogu! Din has a bad feeling about this, saying, “Maybe when he’s older,” but Grogu makes his own stance known by slapping at the voice control to say, “No.” And then, when Grogu gets to test driving his new ride with a few steps around the room, eluding Dad, he hammers at the button to say, “Yes, yes, yes, yes….”

Back at the lava flats, Bo offers to lead a small recon party to the surface of Mandalore, to scout things out before bringing everyone else down to make camp. Reaching out to both sides, she is able to recruit Koska, Din, Paz, Axe, the Armorer herself, and others. Upon landing on their bombed-out home world, Bo & Co. are met by a long ship carrying three survivors of the Purge (played by The Last Ship‘s Charles Parnell, Breaking Bad‘s Charles “Skinny Pete” Baker and someone else). At dinner that night, Bo heard from those survivors of how she is believed to have bailed on her people ahead of the Purge. She made clear that she in fact negotiated a peaceful surrender with Moff Gideon — that is how he came to acquire the Darksaber — but the he betrayed her. Later, in private, when Bo voiced doubt about being able to unite their people, Din said that she has more going for her than any blade, bloodline or station. She has honor, and character. “Your song is not yet written,” he said. “I will serve you until it is.”

The next day, everyone made tracks for the site of the Great Forge, which unsurprisingly is a shell of its former self.  ut Bo, Din et al found much more in the cavern than they bargained for — stormtroopers, arriving via jetpacks and clad in beskar! While Axe jetted off for reinforcements, the others blasted and slugged it out with the troopers, to the point that they gained the advantage and started chasing the stragglers through the cavern, to… a quite out-of-place docking bay stocked with TIE fighters. An ambush followed as a blast door slammed down, cutting Din off from everyone else. Din put up the best fight he could against troopers, but ultimately he was tied up with cables. Moff Gideon then floated down on his own jetpack, and clad in black, Vader-ian beskar. He taunted Bo and Din for gathering all of the Mandalorians in one place. (Whoops.) He then boasted of creating the next gen Dark Trooper suit that he is sporting, and his plan to “create an army to bring order to the galaxy.”

Gideon deployed the nearby TIE fighters to take on the Mandalorian fleet orbiting Mandalore, saying that “in a few moments, the Purge will be complete.” When Bo hissed that she should have killed Gideon when she had the chance, he suggested that it is time for her to give back the Darksaber. Instead, she used it to saw an escape through the blast door behind her and the others. Paz Viszla and his repeater provided cover as she did so, and as everyone escaped. When even more commandos arrived, Paz insisted on holding his post, saying, “This is the way.”

Paz, impressively, fended off said commandos, but the arrival of three Praetorian Guards wielding plasma weapons was more than he could bear, and despite starting to choke one of them out, Paz lost the fight and was left for dead on the docking bay floor.

What did you think of Grogu’s new ride, Paz’s heroic death and the rest of the episode “The Spies”? And any predictions for next week’s finale?

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