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Flash recap
The Flash -- "Cause and Effect" -- FLA321b_0190b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash, Grant Gustin as The Flash and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Courtesy of The CW

This week on The Flash, a clever attempt to put one over on Savitar left Barry bamboozled. Meanwhile, is Killer Frost starting to warm up?

But first… Savitar went into heavy exposition mode to explain to Barry how he (they?) came to be. (Luckily, Cisco later mapped it out for us/the team after, to bring a bit more clarity.) But simply said, just as Barry fetched a time remnant to help defeat Zoom a year ago, Future Barry will create one years from now to help take down Savitar. That “shunned, broken” remnant, however, will go crazy and become obsessed with becoming a god, to end the pain — and to do that, he needs two things: Iris’ death (to drive Barry into a dark enough place that Savitar can be born), and… well, he was cheeky and didn’t tell himself the second thing.

When Barry suggests that killing himself will thus vanquish Savitar, his rival warns, “Cause and effect is a tricky thing,” as the Thawnes have already shown them. “The more you time travel, the less the rules apply to you,” he gloats.

Anywho… Team Flash gathers to strategize, but realize that Savitar will always know what their Barry knows — so how to circumvent that? By way of reckless brain tinkering! So even without bio whiz Caitlin on hand to lead the way, Cisco and Julian set out to block Barry’s short-term memory, so that they can form a plan that Savitar isn’t privy to. Alas, Barry emerges from the procedure as an amnesic who prefers the name “Bart” (heh), and who is lighter, happier and not bogged down by memories of murdered parents.

Thing is, “Bart” (despite Julian and Cisco’s help) can’t negotiate his way through his testimony as a CSI, allowing an arsonist dubbed Heat Monger to go free. Neither is “Bart” a capable speedster, a shortcoming that comes to the fore when The Flash is needed to put out a massive fire. That’s where Killer Frost’s special brand of “help” comes into play. Since Savitar also went amnesic from Team Flash’s goof — and since Wally thus is now powerless, having never been nudged toward his destiny by Savitar/Alchemy — Killer Frost offers Caitlin’s brainy goodness to get Barry his memories back.

A gizmo she creates gets the job half done, but to finish it, Iris must trigger a visceral memory for Barry, by detailing his mother’s brutal murder. His memory restored, and with Kid Flash also back in play, the fire is put out — and Killer Frost is allowed to walk free (though an earlier trip down memory lane with Cisco, about Ronnie and their old S.T.A.R. Lab days, seems to warm her up juuuuust a bit). That said, she coolly tells Julian on her way out that she does not reciprocate his “I love you.”

At hour’s end, (the adorable) Tracy Brand and H.R. (who are now kissing and stuff) unveil for the team the “Speed Force Bazooka,” which can trap Savitar in the Speed Force forever… provided they find 3.86 terajoules of energy aka “more than the sun” to fuel it. But King Shark apparently is protecting an alien energy source that will get the job done…?

What did you think of “Cause and Effect”?

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