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Survivor 44 Episode 9 Recap
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A “scout’s honor” in the game of Survivor means absolutely nothing, especially if the person making it (Danny) isn’t even a scout to begin with! And while Kane was smart enough to realize that the promise made to him was a smoke screen, his savvy street smarts just weren’t enough to save his life in the game.

On Wednesday’s episode, Jeff gives the Va Va tribe a chance to negotiate for some much needed rice. The deal: If four people agree to sit out of the immunity challenge, they’ll win a big ol’ vat of carbs for the entire group. At first, no one wants to step up. A shot at immunity is a big deal, so it was a decision that no one takes lightly. However, after seeing what the challenge was — balancing one foot on a tiny perch while balancing a ball on an overhanging piece of wood — Carson, Kane, Heidi and Lauren agree to be the sit-outs, as Danny and others promise they won’t vote for someone who agrees to make that sacrifice. But just like in the Big Brother house, checks can be bounced in the game of Survivor, and Danny ultimately goes back on his “scout’s honor” (LOL) and kicks Kane to the curb. (Frannie defeats Danny in the challenge, by the way, in another epic showdown. She’s unpredictably become quite the challenge beast!)

Let’s review some other highlights of the week, shall we?

Survivor 44 Carolyn TIKA IN THE MIDDLE | Tika is still doing a fab job at playing the middle, but (and it’s a big “but”) Frannie and others are on to their play. Fran suggests to Danny that they team up with Ratu to nip Yam Yam this time around, but it falls on deaf ears. Quite honestly, it does seem a little preemptive, but it goes to show that Tika clearly isn’t hiding in plain sight like they think they are.

Speaking of Tika, Carolyn opens up about being 13 years sober and her struggle with addiction. She lets the tribe (and us) in on how much she enjoys her life and sobriety, and being someone who lost a close family member to addiction, I loved hearing how she turned her life around. I hope she inspires someone out there who may be struggling now, so kudos to producers for letting her share her story. As for her continued gameplay, extra brownie points for still keeping her idol a secret — it’s something not many “new era” players have pulled off, and hopefully it gets her out of a Yam jam somewhere down the road.

THE WAR RAGES ON | Ratu may have suffered a direct hit last week with the Brandon vote, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up just yet. With Frannie immune, the Ratus set their sights on Danny for possible elimination, but the real question comes down to who has what idol or advantage, and where the Tika votes will fall. Despite the fact that there are three members left from all three of the former tribes, eyes are still on Soka and Ratu… but who’s going to win the next battle?

Survivor 44 LaurenAhead of the vote, Ratu makes a backup plan to counter a possible Knowledge Is Power advantage. Lauren gives her extra vote to Jaime, while Jaime gives her (fake) idol to Kane. But there is no Knowledge Is Power this time around, so joke’s on them! (OK, fine. It was smart of them to think ahead.)

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Probst calls Danny out on his scout’s honor, to which he responds: “Yeah, I’m not a scout, Jeff.” Hey, at least he’s owning the lie! But Kane doesn’t seem remorseful of his decision. He saw the challenge ahead of him and didn’t think it was going to happen for him. The tribe talks about the multitude of different plans in play and how no one really knows what’s going to happen until Jeff reads the votes. It seems like it’s pure chaos, which is only confirmed moments later when a series of whispering and side convos breaks out among them. (I’ve already made it known how I feel about that — and 75 percent of TVLine poll respondents agreed that whispering should be banned already.)

Jeff calls for advantages and no one utters a peep. (Jaime does use Lauren’s extra vote on Heidi, however.) When all is said and done, Ratu takes another hit and Kane (plus Jamie’s fake idol) is sent walking down that dusty trail. (Read our Q&A with Kane here.)

Did Kane ever stand a chance? Should he have competed in the challenge after all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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