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Domestic terrorism is familiar territory for Scandal, but Thursday’s episode — which claimed the lives of more than 100 Americans via calculated drone strikes — was so over-the-top, I fully expected Vin Diesel to pop out and save the day.

In lieu of Diesel, however, it was up to Olivia & Co. to stop Peus from blowing up half of the country. And while they eventually stumbled into victory, they took a treacherous road to get there, one that included a whole lot of insanity and betrayal.

For one thing, Rowan — the man who used to have all the answers — has completely fallen to pieces. I’m talking full Humpty Dumpty. (Actually, given Papa Pope’s “the Republic is dead!” speech, I suppose Chicken Little would be a more accurate comparison.) Either way, the former leader of B613 has been reduced to a paranoid wreck. “It’s every man for himself,” he declared, “and I very much intend to save myself.”

With Rowan officially marked useless, it was Jake’s turn to operate — literally — by cutting a tracking device out of Ruland’s neck with the same precision I once used to remove a squished Mike and Ike from my laptop’s USB port. (Look, we all have our demons, OK?) Jake even convinced her to give up major secrets about the Shadowy Organization™, an offer she rescinded as soon as David “No Poker Face” Rosen accidentally revealed that they did not, in fact, have Peus in custody.

Which brings us all the way back to Rowan, who eventually bonded with Fitz (shocking, I know!) over their shared brokenness, as well as (who are we kidding?) their mutual obsession with Olivia. Together, they executed a brilliant plan: Rowan convinced Ruland that he was on her side, at which point he took her to the museum to receive his official emancipation from Peus. Moments later, Peus was dead on the floor (nice shooting, Jake!) and Ruland was bleeding out — courtesy of a shanking from Rowan, who you know just loves a good shanking.

Barring any wacky twists — not that I’d put it past Scandal — I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen the last of the Shadowy Organization™. And I say, good riddance!

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for the rest of the season? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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