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Pretty Little Liars Recap
Courtesy of Freeform

Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars found Aria taking a reluctant walk on the wild side, during which she revealed all of her friends’ secrets to… herself?

Yes, Aria was tormented (via video chat) by a digital version of herself, who managed to scare the crap out of me — even with that wonk-ass mouth. And working with the enemy put our girl on edge, to the point where she snapped at Ezra for wanting to help Nicole. “Stay!” she told him. “Make things right. Here. Now.” Unfortunately, it seemed her plea fell on gorgeous deaf ears.

Except it didn’t! Ezra ended up not getting on his flight, but he did bump into Spencer and Wren having a drink at the airport. I’m not going to lie, I don’t know what that means for the larger scheme of things, but I’m just as curious as you are. (I’m also now officially on board with the crazy Twitter theory that Spencer has a twin. Because why not.)

Elsewhere this week…

* A blood test proved that Emily is, in fact, the mother of Alison’s baby — but that’s not all that the test revealed. As it turns out, Archer Dunhill is not the father! This led to an understandably uncomfortable discussion about how to proceed, with Emily asking Ali to consider keeping it so she can raise it herself. Following a chat with Paige, during which she asked Alison point-blank if she loves Emily, Ali decided to keep the baby. (For the record, Ali never gave Paige an answer, but at least she didn’t lie. #BabySteps)

* Speaking of Emily and Paige, they’re officially dunzo, which is probably for the best. Like Paige noted before taking off, there’s no way they’d be able to raise the baby together without things getting — for lack of a better term — awkward. “This is the third time I’ve said goodbye to you,” Paige said. “I’m never going to say it again.” (Side note: The song playing during #Paily’s split was Butterfly Boucher’s “Love Will Make Me Stay,” and it’s a beautiful little ditty.)

* An aggressive search of Lucas’ apartment turned up a comic book that he and Charlotte made at camp, one in which a shape-shifting alien woman helps a bullied boy get revenge — even against his own family. (Sound familiar? Sort of?) Anyway, Mona doesn’t seem to think Lucas built the #PLLEndGame, as it’s more mechanical than technical.

* Breaking news: Not only is Marco the hottest detective in town, but he’s also the least competent. How do I know this? For starters, he just figured out that when Spencer told him she was “burying a body” the night they met, she actually meant she was — wait for it — burying a body.

* Most importantly, Toby and Caleb spent the week at Toby’s cabin “fishing… or not fishing,” according to Spencer. Um, why didn’t we get to see that?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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