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Arrow Recap Season 5
Courtesy of The CW

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the stage was set for quite a rumble in the jungle.

Fresh off throwing Adrian Chase into an A.R.G.U.S. cell, Team Arrow felt a wave of relief — enough so that they assembled at the loft to throw Oliver a surprise birthday party, share plans for their “summer vacation” (including fishing, camping, new socks) and, for Oliver and Felicity, agree to take some baby steps in the direction of a rekindled romance.

But the revelry didn’t last long. Rather, Curtis on his way home got KO’d and went missing after investigating a break-in at Dinah’s (and this is on the heels of Rene’s own vanishing act). Oliver gleaned that having told Chase that his team was his strength, his imprisoned adversary was employing minions to rob him of that. “You’re one loss from being destroyed,” Chase taunted Oliver from his glass cell. “Will it be Thea? Felicity? Someone else?” Next, Thea and Quentin were targeted by Evelyn and Black Siren, who really effed with her “Daddy” — even after being sent to an A.R.G.U.S. safe house for safe keeping. Lastly, Felicity and Diggle were driving out of town when they got detoured by a ninja army.

Oliver was resolved to not let Chase leverage his way out of prison, even when Malcolm surfaced in the Arrowcave to argue otherwise, saying he would do anything to save his  daughter. And indeed, Oliver’s own kid comes into play when his phone rings, playing a video of a distraught William asking for someone to “please help me.” Having just watched Chase head off to his prison transport helicopter — with the promise to have his friends kill Oliver’s friends if he actually gets locked up again — Oliver thinks fast, commandeers an ARGUS van and, with Malcolm’s help, starts taking down (non-lethally!) the guards.

Having done that, Oliver confronts Chase about dragging William into this, and Adrian explains that he did so because Oliver involved his ill-fated wife. Chase then flies off to, Oliver later realizes, Lian Yu. Oliver enlists his own “backup” in the form of Malcolm’s adversary Nyssa al Ghul, who arrives unaware that she will be going head-to-head with her sister Talia.

On Lian Yu, Chase unloads a tied-up Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Curtis, who collectively wondered where Rene and Dinah are. Oliver meanwhile slips down to the island prison, to seek the help of, of all people, Slade Wilson (in a twist that would have been soooo much cooler if not telegraphed in the end-of-season trailer).

“Hey, kid…,” Oliver’s archenemy smiles. “I’m glad you came back.”

What did you think of the episode “Missing” and the promise of a monster melee in next week’s finale?

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