Queer Eye Season 2 Review
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TV Review Grade A Unlike the fashion-challenged Georgia residents to whom the Fab Five lend its aid, Queer Eye required no tweaks heading into its highly anticipated second season.

If anything, the self-improvement show manages to boil itself down to its purest form in Season 2 — which hits Netflix in its entirety on Friday, June 15 — leaving us with more of what we loved from Queer Eye‘s debut outing: real, honest moments of genuine connection between people from starkly different walks of life who might otherwise never cross paths. As grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness might suggest, you’d better have those damn tissues at the ready… henny!

The sob fest begins immediately, with the boys heading to (wait for it…) Gay, Ga., to assist an angel-on-earth named Tammye with the construction of her church’s community center. It’s a powerful premiere that presents a real challenge for the Fab Five — particularly designer Bobby Berk, who hasn’t felt welcome in a church setting since his own church turned its back on him when he came out.

It’s in these moments that you realize Queer Eye is so much more than a makeover show; these guys truly are changing lives, including their own, whether they expect it or not. The passion with which they tackle each project, and the openness with which they embrace each new charge, is inspiring.

Speaking of life-changing events, subsequent episodes find the Fab Five helping a young transgender man feel confident in his own skin, assisting a loving boyfriend with the proposal of a lifetime, and encouraging an aimless college “graduate” to find honesty and purpose in his life.

In a time of so much division in this country — be it religious, social or (more often than not) political — the Fab Five offers the blueprint to bridging those gaps. We’re still more alike as human beings than we are different, and if we approach others with an open heart and mind, we’ll see that “all things just keep getting better.”

THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE: The television equivalent of comfort food, Queer Eye‘s second season will satiate your soul — even if its limited episode order leaves you hungry for more.

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