Yellowstone Season 5: The Burning Questions That Need to Be Answered


Saddle up, y’all. Now that Paramount Network has officially renewed Yellowstone for Season 5 — and considering that the mega-hit’s Season 4 finale rustled up a million more viewers than the 14 million who stampeded to their sofas to watch its season premiere, was there ever any doubt that it would? — we’re doing a deep dive into the series’ loose ends that still need tying up and questions that still need answering.

There are, to put it mildly, some biggies, regarding everything from patriarch John’s reluctant run for governor (and whether Jamie’s downfall means that he can bail on it) to Kayce and Monica’s marriage (and whether or not it will last long enough to usher into the world Tate’s new baby brother or sister). Take a look below at the list of questions that’s been keeping us up nights, then hit the comments to add any head-scratchers that you think we’ve left out.

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