8 Yellowstone Spinoffs We Need Now

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? Well, we’re taking a midsummer moment to celebrate/anticipate another huge December event: The forthcoming premiere of the Yellowstone prequel 1923.

The newest chapter of what Paramount+ is calling Yellowstone‘s “origin story” — which began with the wildly popular 1883 prequel spinoff — will introduce viewers to the next two generations of the franchise’s central family, the Duttons “as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.” And it will be headlined by A-listers Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in as-yet-unannounced roles.

In addition, Paramount+ has another 1883 offshoot in the works. Titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, the miniseries will star Selma‘s David Oyelowo as Reeves, aka “the greatest frontier hero in American history” who is believed to be the inspiration behind The Lone Ranger, according to the project’s official logline. And let’s not forget about 6666, yet another proposed spinoff that will focus on a huge, centuries-old Texas ranch known for its exemplary horses and livestock. (If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the ranch figured prominently in Yellowstone Season 4.)

While we eagerly await 1923Bass Reeves and a return trip to the Four Sixes, we can’t help but dream about what other avenues executive producer Taylor Sheridan & Co. could take to expand the Yellowstone universe. So the list below is full of ideas for even more spinoffs we’d love to see.

Take a good look at our ideas for more Yellowstone series (John and Evelyn’s love story, anyone?), then hit the comments with your thoughts on how the Yellowstoneverse should go on and on!

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