The Worst TV Reboots of All Time

Worst TV Reboots

The mere utterance of the word “reboot” is enough to send a chill down any TV fan’s spine. And after perusing the shows on this list, you’ll remember exactly why that is.

For every Hawaii Five-0 — CBS’ remake of the classic police procedural enjoyed a 240-episode run — there’s a slew of failed attempts at remaking small-screen favorites.

And you might be surprised at how many familiar faces appear on this list, from a future American Horror Story star who once served as Cupid’s confidante to a Pretty Little Liars mean girl in her first TV role.

Note: We’re only looking at reboots (remakes of existing properties using new actors) for this list. To that end, revivals (aka continuations of shows like Will & Grace and Murphy Brown) are not eligible for consideration. We’re also excluding American versions of international shows; those crimes against television deserve their own list.

Scroll down to relive eight of the biggest flops in reboot history, then drop a comment with your own additions. Which shows would you put on our list?