TV's 35 Worst Boyfriends Ever, From A(idan Shaw) to Z(ack Morris)

TV boyfriends, what are we going to do with you?

While our favorite TV shows sometimes feature toxic relationships due to behavior by both partners, we wanted to take the time to determine which TV boyfriends in particular are to blame for their respective relationship woes. We have gathered up all the worst guys from good shows that made us want to scream at the TV, stage interventions for our beloved (fictional) friends and swear men off forever!

This round-up of 35 truly lousy TV boyfriends spans murderous men (on YOU), animated boy toys (Harley Quinn), presidential man-babies (Scandal), highly sus vacation flings (The White Lotus) and a perhaps-controversial pick from Sex and the City.

To be sure, not all bad boyfriends are created equal. Their poor behavior exists on a spectrum, making some hard to spot. We’ve included the truly toxic, the unacceptably annoying, and the mean, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad beaus. Like, if he’s done one of our favorite characters wrong, he’s on this list. But to be clear, this is about guys who were bad at being boyfriends; not bad guys who happened to be boyfriends or beaus who were revealed to be outright villains. Got it?

View our 35 picks below, then hit the comments to call out your most memorably bad boyfriends from TV history.