Sistas First Look: Zac and Fatima Recover From Their Night With Karen

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 7

Following their eventful visit to Karen’s apartment, Zac and Fatima have a lot to discuss in Wednesday’s episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas (BET, 9/8c).

As you can see in TVLine’s exclusive first look, the super couple known as “Zatima” appears to be putting up a united front as they hold hands in bed and discuss what went down at Karen’s.

Of course, Zac and Fatima aren’t the only ones reeling from what was said. Additional exclusive photos below find Karen still working things out with Aaron, before retiring to her bedroom for more conversation with Lisa — and more tears.

According to the episode’s logline, “Karen adopts a new practice to help her and Zac’s situation get better.” But that only raises more questions: Is Karen finally trying to accept that she and Zac are over? Or is she still hoping that their “situation” involves a romantic relationship?

Elsewhere in the episode, “Danni is put in a very uncomfortable situation with her new guy friend.” Needless to say, the girls will have plenty to discuss the next time they all get together.

Read on for more exclusive first looks from the aftermath of Karen’s little honesty party, then drop a comment with your thoughts. What should she do next?

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