Sistas First Look: Fatima Finally Meets With Karen — So Why Is Zac in Tears?

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 6

When Lisa first invited Fatima to the world’s most awkward dinner party, Fatima couldn’t have turned Karen’s mother down quickly enough. So, what changes her mind?

That’s exactly what we expect to learn on tonight’s episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas (BET, 9/8c), and TVLine has an exclusive first look at Karen’s surprise visitor.

As you may recall, Lisa decided to arrange a dinner for Karen to settle things once and for all between Zac, Aaron and Fatima, though Fatima was smart enough not to attend… at first.

And things are sure to get messy even before Fatima crashes the party. Per the episode’s official synopsis, “Karen decides to focus her fury on Zac,” as she finally manages to put her complicated feelings into words.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, “Danni meets a new love interest, while Andi looks to have a stalker,” so at least it sounds like the drama will be evenly divided among the group. (And that’s to say nothing of poor Sabrina, still rotting in prison. Will we ever see her this season?!)

Keep scrolling for more exclusive first looks from tonight’s Sistas — including Karen, Aaron and Zac getting visibly emotional — then drop a comment with your thoughts. How do you hope this messy situation works out?

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