TV Shows That Have Ended in 2021 (So Far) — Which Ones Will You Miss Most?

TV Shows Ended 2021

The Grim Reaper has been putting in some overtime this year: We’re at the halfway point of 2021, and more than 50 series have already aired their very final episodes.

Following Netflix’s mini-cancellation spree in early July — in which four of its original comedy series got the ax at once — we’re taking stock of the shows that have ended (so far) this year, whether they planned a final season in advance or had their runs unceremoniously cut short.

And speaking of Netflix, the streaming giant currently has the highest tally of departed shows this year (12, to be exact!), including one-and-done series like Jupiter’s Legacy, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! and The Irregulars. Meanwhile, The CW’s Canadian import Trickster — which was cancelled in January due to offscreen controversy — has the lowest episode count on our list, with just six installments, while the syndicated Judge Judy comes in with a high of more than 6,000 (!) episodes.

NOTE: Our list does not include A) shows that were cancelled in 2021 but aired their final episodes in 2020, such as HBO’s axed sci-fi drama Lovecraft Country, or B) shows that announced a final season this year but actually wrap in 2022 or later, like NBC’s This Is Us.

Scroll through the list below to see all of the shows that have ended so far this year, then drop a comment with the one(s) you’ll miss most!