9 Actors Who Didn't Return For Their TV Show's Revival

TV Revivals

TV revivals have always been pretty polarizing, but there’s one thing every fan can agree on: If you’re going to bring a show back to life, you’d better do it with as many of the original actors as possible.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen far too many times, that’s easier said than done. From behind-the-scenes disputes to career retirements, there are plenty of reasons why a performer might choose not to reprise a role decades later. To that end, TVLine is taking stock of all the times we’ve been disappointed by an original actor’s absence from a revived show.

As always, this list comes with a big ol’ SPOILER ALERT. We’re going to be looking back at a pretty eclectic mix of revivals, from Girl Meets World to Will & Grace, so you’d better be all caught up. Or just not care. Either one works for us!

Oh, one more thing we should note: For this list, we didn’t include actors whose deaths prevented them from returning to the show. That would be messed up.

Which of these shows suffered (or will suffer) from a missing star? And which would you add to our list? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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