Jeopardy! Host Woes, Chris Harrison's Bachelor Breakup and 8 More TV Controversies of the Year (So Far)

TV Controversies 2021

The swift departure of newly minted Jeopardy! host Mike Richards might be this year’s most recent controversy, but it sure isn’t the first of 2021.

On Friday, Richards stepped away from the quiz show’s iconic podium after unsavory comments he’d previously made on a podcast (among other transgressions) resurfaced in the wake of his hiring. But with two-thirds of the calendar year now behind us, Jeopardy!‘s host imbroglio joins several other controversies that have rocked the TV industry in 2021 thus far.

In the list below, we’re taking stock of 10 of the year’s biggest brouhahas to date, including the fateful Extra interview that prompted Chris Harrison’s split from the Bachelor franchise, the ripple effects of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s frank Q&A with Oprah Winfrey and the brief — but dramatic! — dust-up between Supernatural‘s Winchester brothers.

Of course, we haven’t recapped every small-screen scandal of the past eight months. To go even further down the rabbit hole of on-air gaffes, firings and outspoken TV personalities (and there are many!), click here.

Meanwhile, to see the year’s most notable and impactful controversies so far, scroll through our list below, then drop a comment with the incidents that have surprised you the most.