Year in Review

2020 in Review: Which TV Character Had the Most Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year? Cast Your Vote!

TV Characters Worst Year

We know, we know — the year 2020 hasn’t been good to anybody. Far from it. But even the fictional people living inside your TV box were not immune to adversity!

It’s that time in our annual Year in Review extravaganza where we take stock of the TV characters who really got put through the wringer. A few times. And then got folded in half and were squeezed through once again for good measure.

Whatever setback you can dream up, at least one of the TV characters below has probably gone through it. A near-fatal snake bite? Check! A demon spawn? Hell yeah. The subject of a mortifying meme? Sorry ’bout that, Dr. Weber. Mom back from the “dead”? Check! Sister’s kinder doppelganger gets whacked? Bat-check! A fictional case of the very real COVID-19? Sigh, there’s one of those, as well.

Review our list below of 19 TV characters who are happy to put the on-screen events of the year 2020 in their rearview mirror, and then vote for the two (2) you think had it worst. (Last year’s “winner” in the reader poll was Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys, followed by Arrow‘s Oliver and Stranger Things’ Hopper.)

Still ahead in our Year in Review: The Most Heartbreaking Character Deaths, Shocking Reality-TV Moments, the Coolest Scenes and so much more!