TV's Best Recurring Guest Stars From The Mandalorian, Succession, This Is Us, NCIS: LA, South Park and Other Shows

TV's Best Guest Stars

They’re the TV characters who, when they occasionally show up, you know something interesting/big is about to go down and/or you are indisputably about to be entertained. They’re more than scene stealers, yet don’t appear often enough to be considered mainstays.

What they are, as the headline above says, are TV’s Best Recurring Guest Stars.

Who are the characters that you always relish seeing pop up on a favorite show, maybe a handful of times a season? The familiar faces that signal to you that an episode might be extra-meaningful, or that a B-story might have added teeth to it?

The TVLine staff put its collective head together and compiled this list of more than 20 recurring guest stars from current shows that reliably put a smile on our face… or frankly get us worrying about what a main character is about to be put through. (Heaven help Blue Bloods‘ Frank Reagan when Archbishop Kearns has a bee in his vestment!)

Our list also includes Larry David’s well-coiffed Curb Your Enthusiasm foil, The Conners‘ irascible grandma, a sassy Ted Lasso twosome, Succession‘s mercurial mom, a greatly entertaining Good Fight lawyer, Mando’s trusty mechanic and more than a dozen others.

Check out our picks, then chime in with your own favorite guest stars 1) from CURRENT shows who 2) ONLY APPEAR A FEW TIMES per season (at most)!

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