Post Mortems

True Story Team Reveals Easter Eggs and Meta Winks Fans May Have Missed

True Story, Carlton, Gene and Kid

Warning: This post contains True Story spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

There is a moment in Episode 4 of Netflix’s limited series True Story where Kid’s superfan Gene excitedly approaches Carlton, Kid’s older brother.

Gene worships Kid so much that he researched Carlton, too, and runs to the trunk of his car to show the siblings a laminated newspaper clipping from Carlton’s glory days as a high school football star. Turns out Carlton wasn’t always a deadbeat. The former cornerback once earned a football scholarship at Temple University.

Eric Newman, who created and wrote True Story, is a huge fan of the star behind Carlton, Wesley Snipes. And when it came to that newspaper clipping in Gene’s hand, Newman used an actual photo from Snipes’ first movie, 1986’s Wildcats. The high school football comedy, which also starred Goldie Hawn, featured a young Snipes as a fast-talking lothario and player named Trumaine.

“We licensed it from Paramount,” Newman proudly reveals to TVLine. “That was a get.”

The nod to Wildcats is one of several Easter eggs and meta moments the drama enjoys, with the most obvious one being star Kevin Hart playing — you guessed it — a stand-up comedian and actor from Philadelphia.

Here are a few other Easter eggs and winks to the audience of note: