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Titans Boss Reveals Why He 'Flipped' Over Lex Luthor Casting, Previews Season 4's 'Destiny vs. Fate' Theme

Titans Season 4 Preview

The Titans swing back into action this Thursday, when Season 4 of the superhero team-up series kicks off on HBO Max.

In Season 4, the titular heroes, as teased in the last October’s finale, are en route back to San Francisco when no less than Lex Luthor (played by Bosch‘s Titus Welliver) reaches out — in a very Lex Luthor way — to meet his son, Connor Kent (Joshua Orpin). As if that wasn’t enough for the Titans to fret about, they also land in the crosshairs of a supernatural cult led by May Bennett aka Mother Mayhem (The Bridge‘s Franka Potente). Oh, and there’s a mild-mannered guy named Sebastian (The Originals‘ Joseph Morgan’s) who is struggling with some very troubling visions…..

TVLine spoke with Titans showrunner Greg Walker about Season 4’s themes and supernatural threats, Lex Luthor’s hirsute look and more. (Titans Season 4 launches Nov. 3 with its first two episodes, followed by weekly releases through Dec. 1. An additional six episodes will be released in 2023.)

TVLINE | First off, I was curious: What has it been like being a creative in the DC world these past few months?
GREG WALKER | You know, it’s been quiet for us, because we have our own little self-enclosed world of toiling away, trying to figure out how to make these giant episodes, and then posting them. So we’re kind of removed from a lot of that. Certainly on a corporate level, we are treated very kindly and have been the entire way. I mean, I read the headlines like everybody else, but it doesn’t affect us.

TVLINE | Do you know James Gunn (who is now co-CEO of DC Films)? Ever run into him?
I appeared on a panel with him a long time ago, maybe 20 years ago…? I thought he was fantastic, and as a filmmaker, wow. It’s very exciting.

TVLINE | There was no Season 4 tease at all in the last Titans finale, so I couldn’t tell: Did you not want to show you hand, or were you waiting to lock into a villain?
Well, we didn’t know if we would come back. Plus, a lot of it comes from what our villain is going to be and where we’re going. We knew we’d be on a road trip, but the process of clearing a villain really takes a long time internally. And we’re crawling to the finish often on these things, so we didn’t have the bandwidth to figure out what the next season was. I’ve heard that often, that it would have been so cool have to have a tease — and the network asked if we had one — but it was a real struggle to get [Seasons 2 and 3] done in COVID.

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