This Week in TV History: Glee Mourns a Loss, General Hospital's 'Seduction,' Beverly Hills 90210 Debuts and More


Those who forget TV history are condemned to repeat it. Is that the saying…?

Whatever, close enough. Because as the modern TV landscape (and its future) looks stranger than ever, with This+ and That Max entering the streaming mix and the pandemic playing havoc with scheduling, we thought it’d be at the very least fun to note meaningful series launches of the past, memorable on-screen moments, award-show milestones and anything else that strikes our fancy.

For example, three iconic series celebrate round-number anniversaries this week, with Beverly Hills, 90210 having arrived on the scene a full 30 years ago, while both Gilmore Girls and the OG CSI made their debuts in the year 2000.

Scroll down for many more of this week’s noteworthy TV moments.

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