Lingering White Lotus Questions: What Exactly Was Niccolo's Plan? Is Dom's Wife Not Laura Dern? And Many More...

white lotus questions burning

Season 2 of HBO’s The White Lotus was like a pot on a stove, rolling to a boil. But as satisfying as its recent finale was, we are still hungry for more. More answers.

The season started out well enough. And as will clearly be custom with each changing of casts, it took us a minute to suss out who is who, what each character is about, and who wants what.

And then there was Tanya, played again by Jennifer Coolidge and the lone returning main character. We may have thought early on that Season 2 would merely be a continuation of her and Greg’s (Jon Gries) impromptu love (or “love”) story. But the closer we got to the end of the season, it was clear that much more was at play. Much foul play, that is.

We still have questions about — spoiler alert! — Quentin and Niccolo and the grand plan to off Tanya (so that Greg/”The Cowboy” (presumably) could dance around the pre-nup and claim a windfall.

And in addition to also have a few questions about the details of that plotted death, we have questions about love. Or at least s-e-x.

Review our lingering White Lotus Season 2 Qs below, then weigh in with your current working theories — plus anything that you yourself are still puzzling over….

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