The Flash Series Finale Recap: An Evil Legion Assembles, a Near-Death, a Birth, a Big Return and New [Spoilers]

The following contains all of the spoilers for the series finale of The Flash, which aired May 24 on The CW.

The Flash‘s nine-season run may be over, but there will still be speedsters, plural, watching over Central City.

The DC comics-inspired expansion of the Flash Family was but one of the bigger moments from the Arrowverse series’ very final hour, which saw Barry & Co. square off against a legion of sinister speedsters, featured the birth of Barry and Iris’ first child, and brought back a dearly departed (if not duly mourned) Team Flash member.

All told, what did you think of The Flash‘s swan song? Review our list of the more noteworthy moments, then grade the finale (and the final season) below.