The Conners: 5 MIA Roseanne Characters' Absences Explained

Remember when Roseanne and Dan had four children? Or when Jackie was married with a kid of her own?

It’s no secret that The Conners — and before it, the Roseanne revival — have played fast and loose with continuity, specifically when it comes to which characters have been swept under the rug (along with Dan’s death and the family’s Season 9 lottery windfall). Some absences have been explained on screen — one of which had to be addressed due to a legacy cast member’s death — while others have been clarified only in conversation with producers. What follows is a list of those explanations.

To be clear, the following is not a complete inventory of Roseanne characters who haven’t appeared on The Conners. You won’t find out why Leon (Martin Mull) and Nancy (Sandra Bernhard) haven’t paid a visit to the recently reopened Lunch Box, or what ever happened to onetime Wellman Plastics foreman Booker Brooks (whose “resemblance” to George Clooney was addressed in The Conners‘ Season 3 premiere). What we have here is a list of characters whose absences have been directly addressed (or, in the case of one former spouse, indirectly addressed) since Roseanne was first revived by ABC in 2018.

Scroll down to learn more (or to refresh your memory), and be sure to check back throughout The Conners‘ continued run — which resumes with Season 4 on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 9/8c — for potential updates.

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