The Brady Bunch Characters, Ranked — Somewhat Brutally at Times

Brady Bunch Characters Ranked

This is the story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady, and 18 other characters from The Brady Bunch‘s 1969-1974 ABC run.

Because while you may remember the iconic blended family as being sitcom-perfect in many a way, the fact is that, yes, some Bradys were better than others. (For heaven’s sake, one of the rugrats was singularly responsible for bungling at least two important family gifts!)

And then you have the people who cycled in and out of the Bradys’ lives, either by passing through 4222 Clinton Way or bumping up against them on an on-location vacation. Such encounters included no fewer than two demented (and kidnap-py) codgers, a pair of twins who weren’t, and one of the most despicable Plain Janes to ever be a Brady’s gal pal.

Who tops our ranking of 20 very Brady family members, friends and frenemies? Review the list below, then chime in with your own favorites.

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