That '70s Show: Here's What Happened to Every Character on That '90s Show

Curious about Netflix’s That ’90s Show, but not quite curious enough to watch all 10 episodes? We can help.

TVLine has already screened Season 1 of the That ’70s Show sequel series — you can read our review here — which centers on a new generation of Point Place basement dwellers, including Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia. The show brings back (almost) every major character from the original show, but not for long. In that respect, the show is less like The Conners and more like Fuller House.

Despite a lack of screen time, we do receive important life updates about the OGs. Not only do we find out what they’re up to in the year 1995, but in some cases, what happened to them between 1980 and now.

What follows is a spoiler-heavy, legacy character guide, breaking down everything we learned in Season 1. We also include episode numbers should you want to queue up specific cameos. Scroll down to find out what happened to everyone, then hit the comments with your reactions.