Succession: 10 Burning Questions We're Still Pondering After That Finale

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s Succession finale.

The wheel of power spun wildly in Succession‘s Season 3 finale… and once again, Logan Roy came out a winner.

Sunday’s season ender saw Logan strike a deal to let Lukas Matsson and GoJo acquire Waystar, securing a rich payout for himself and cutting his children out in the process. (Read our full finale recap here.) Kendall, Shiv and Roman tried to stop him, but Logan outmaneuvered them with the help of his ex-wife Caroline. What’s more, Shiv’s husband Tom (!) seemingly tipped off Logan about the siblings’ plot and earned himself a prime seat at the table at the newly merged GoJo Waystar (or whatever they’re calling it).

It was a whirlwind of power grabs and backstabs, and we’re still thinking about what it all means. (Can Season 4 just get here already?) So we’re taking a second look and pondering the many questions we still have in the wake of that explosive finale. Read on to see what’s puzzling us about Tom, Shiv, Roman, Kendall — and yes, even Greg and that Italian princess. And we need your help, too: Hit the comments to share any answers you might have, along with your own burning questions.

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