Stranger Things: The Most LOL-Worthy Quotes From Season 4, Part 1

There are a lot of adjectives that we could use to describe Stranger Things Season 4, Part 1. Exciting. Suspenseful. Upsetting. Scary. We could go on (and did in TVLine’s review). But no matter how long we went on, we’d have to at some point include the word funny, because damn, these seven episodes are — majorly.

In fact, the memorable lines included in Part 1 of the Netflix hit’s penultimate season are so amusing — and so plentiful — that rather than include just a couple in TVLine’s regular Quotes of the Week column, we decided to create a whole separate collection of the best bits. Among them are, of course, exchanges between our favorite duos (Steve and Dustin, Robin and Nancy, Joyce and Murray) and some primo Erica. (Surely you know by now, you can’t spell “hysterical” without “Erica.”)

So sit back, relax and have a laugh. Then, when you’re done with our list of standouts, hit the comments with your favorite lines.

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