Star Trek: Picard Season 3: Revisit These TNG and DS9 Episodes to Prepare for Jean-Luc's Final Mission

A certain amount of the third season of Star Trek: Picard — which gets underway Thursday — requires you to have Data-like memory storage.

It’s not just the core Next Generation cast who make appearances in the show’s final run, but also lesser characters who only appeared for a few episodes during TNG‘s seven-season run. And Picard doesn’t just pull from Next Generation, but also incorporates subsequent Trek spinoffs Deep Space Nine (the Dominion War), Voyager (Seven of Nine’s conflicted nature) and beyond.

Most of these callbacks will be explained in time, within the Paramount+ show, and it’s best not to spoil it too much. But if you wanted to prep for this final voyage, we’re at your service. So grab a glass of Saurian brandy and dial up these classic TNG episodes — plus one Deep Space Nine entry for added context — and engage!