Sex and the City: 50 of the Girls' Most Memorable Boyfriends, Ranked

Sex and the City Men Boyfriends Ranked List

Sex and the City introduced us to four female soulmates… and the many, many guys they had fun with along the way.

HBO’s fun and frothy rom-com followed the love lives of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha as they dated and bedded dozens of men — and some of those men even stuck around for multiple episodes! Across six seasons, we witnessed every variety of the male species, from regrettable flings to full-fledged husband material… but which ones were actually worth hanging on to?

We’re looking back at 50 (!) of the most memorable men in the Sex and the City ladies’ lives and ranking them based on longevity, compatibility and general appeal. (We didn’t include non-romantic male characters, but just know that Stanford Blatch is always number one in our hearts.) We couldn’t help but wonder: Should Carrie have ended up with Aidan instead of Mr. Big? Was Steve really the right guy for Miranda? Did Trey deserve a second chance from Charlotte? And who was Samantha’s perfect match? Let’s get into it!

So put on your Jimmy Choos, pour yourself a Cosmo and read on to see where we ranked Sex and the City‘s boyfriends — and to find out which lucky guy took the top spot. Got some thoughts on our rankings? We knew you would: Hit the comments below to tell us who we ranked too high, ranked too low or should’ve included instead.

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