Severance: 9 Burning Questions We Still Have After the Season 1 Finale

Severance Apple Season 2 Burning Questions Finale

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Friday’s Severance season finale.

After that thrill ride of a season finale, Severance fans, consider this your exit interview.

Season 1 of the Apple TV+ workplace thriller ended with a pulse-pounding finale that did shed light on a few key mysteries, like Helly and Irving’s lives outside the office. (For more details, read our full finale recap here and our post mortem with costar Britt Lower here.) But we were still left pondering quite a few mysteries — especially after the finale left us dangling on such a cliffhanger. Good thing Apple renewed it for a second season, huh?

So to kill time until more episodes (and more answers) arrive, we’re taking stock of the burning questions that we still have after that shocking season finale. Grab a waffle, turn on some defiant jazz and join us as we list them off, won’t you? (And be sure to hit the comments and share your own burning questions, along with any answers you might have.)

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