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Year in Review: Election Year MVPs Who Helped Get Us Through Allll That

Year in Review Election MVPs

The pandemic and resulting nine-month-long (..and counting) quarantine afforded each of us all the time in the world to absorb every bit of Election Year fol-de-rol.

Hooray, us?

And yet… and yet we survived that incessant influx of news, “fake news,” name calling, and on- and -off-field debating, thanks to an assortment of MVPs in and outside of the political sphere. To those “saviors,” we now pay tribute with this installment of TVLine’s Year in Review extravaganza.

As Election Season came and went with the speed of a hobbled snail, there were those who found and entertainingly depicted for us the LOL-worthy inanity amid the insanity, or who put a spot-on spin on a VIP VP candidate. We also sometimes found ourselves sympatico with more than a few truth-telling talking heads on the cable news channels.

When the time came to (officially) debate, some moderators got knocked out of the ring early — but at least two news vets made sure the contenders knew who exactly was running the show, and that they were not there to be run roughshod over. And then there was the cast of an acclaimed, small-screen look at an idyllic West Wing, who came together to, in part, get out the most important vote of our times.

And we haven’t even gotten to the two dudes and their cool maps!

Scroll down below to see which Election Year MVPs got our vote, then tell us who helped keep you sane up to and through this November to (painfully) remember.

Still ahead in TVLine’s Year in Review: The Dumbest Things TV Did, the Most Shocking Reality-TV Scenes, Quotes of the Year and much more!

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