Paramount+'s Secret Peaks: 25 Hidden Gems You Can Stream Right Now

Paramount Plus Best TV Shows List What to Watch Streaming

We’ve got another new streaming service to explore… and a fresh crop of TV shows to discover.

Yes, Paramount+ isn’t technically “new” — it’s just a rebrand of the existing CBS All Access service — but this past week’s relaunch did bring with it an expanded library of content from across the ViacomCBS universe, including CBS, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and more. And once you get beyond the big names like Star Trek and SpongeBob, you’ll find there are lots of forgotten favorites tucked away inside that self-described “mountain of entertainment.”

We here at TVLine are rolling up our sleeves and doing a deep dive into the Paramount+ library to uncover more than two dozen hidden gems you can stream right now on the service. (Note: Some tempting offerings like MTV Unplugged and VH1’s Behind the Music only have a handful of episodes, so we left them off. Plus, we should add that the streamer is a treasure trove for Nicktoons fans, with everything from Ren & Stimpy and Rugrats to The Fairly OddParents and Invader Zim.)

Read on to see what delights await you in the far corners of the Paramount+ library, from retro reality shows to underappreciated comedies. And if you see something on the service we missed, hit the comments and tell us. (We’re all in this together.)