Oscars 2023: The 12 Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments

This year’s Oscars were an expectedly slap-free affair — but Team TVLine still managed to single out a dozen memorable moments from Hollywood’s biggest night.

In fact, even without the new “Did anybody get smacked?” litmus test for controversy, Sunday’s telecast could be considered quite tame. Even the (real) donkey and (fake) Cocaine Bear were on their best behavior!

In the list below, we’ve distilled the three-plus-hour ceremony into 12 moments that were noteworthy for better or worse. In many ways, the 95th Oscars were wonderfully emotional, with Ke Huy Quan’s teary acceptance speech and the Dolby Theatre’s “Happy Birthday” singalong for James Martin among our favorite interludes. But the broadcast had its low points, too. For instance, what was up with that performance of Everything Everywhere All at Once‘s Oscar-nominated song “This Is a Life”? It featured hot dog fingers, and that’s not the part that baffled us.

ABC’s red carpet pre-show, meanwhile, had its own uncomfortable moments, including a cringey Q&A with Hugh Grant that couldn’t have ended soon enough. (We suspect he felt that way, too.)

Keep scrolling for our recap of the night’s best and worst moments, then grade Sunday’s broadcast of the Oscars in our poll.

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