Netflix's 25 Best Original Series of All Time, Ranked

Best Netflix TV Shows, Series

It was 10 years ago that Netflix jumped into the original programming fray with, no, not House of Cards, but the Norwegian–American crime dramedy Lilyhammer.

The series’ 2012 launch — which came a year before the Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright political thriller debuted — set the stage for the streaming giant to upend Hollywood, ushering in the #PeakTV era in the process.

During that decade, the former red-enveloped movie rental hub (which was founded in August 1997) has churned out hundreds of OG offerings, so, as you can imagine, attempting to narrow that CVS receipt-sized list down to the 25 best ever was, well, not the easiest thing in the world!

Naturally, the following ranked roster comes with a few asterisks. For instance, our Top 25 list does not include unscripted programming. In other words, this list is a Love Is Blind, Tiger King-free zone.

Also not eligible: series that jumped to Netflix after getting cancelled by another network/platform (i.e., Lucifer, Manifest, etc.), or international series that Netflix acquired after the fact (Money Heist, Giri/Haji, End of the F***ing World, etc) vs. coming in at the ground floor of development (i.e. Squid Game, Lupin, etc).

Now, without further delay, we present you with TVLine’s list of the Top 25 best Netflix original series of all time!