'Missing' Shows, Found! The Latest on All Rise, Transplant, Last Kingdom, Wonder Years, Alex Rider and 31 Others

Cancelled Renewed Shows Release Dates

Someone find a really, really large milk carton, because we have some “missing” TV shows to report on!

In these times of “un-renewals” and “disappeared” content, TV shows more than ever have had a tendency to go “missing” after being renewed, or after a finale airs. So, as we do now and again, let’s see if TVLine can help hunt down your MIA favorite.

The “Lost & Found” list below covers three and only three kinds of shows, so read these parameters very closely before you “What about…?” us:

♦ Renewed a long time ago, but it has been crickets 🦗 since.

♦ Last aired more than nine months ago, and there is still no official word on cancellation or renewal.

♦ Has been on midseason “hiatus” for… a while.


This is not a Renewed/Cancelled scorecard (we have many of those). Far from it. No, this is a recurring status report on select shows that have been out of sight but not out of mind for their extremely patient fans — many of which were suggested to us after our recent Twitter alert.

Peruse the list below and then hit the comments and tell us which TV series you are (still!) impatiently waiting for. And if your favorite “forgotten” show isn’t featured here, be sure to check out our Broadcast, Cable and Streaming Renewal Scorecards — or email InsideLine@tvline.com to issue a “BOLO” and we’ll (maybe) hunt it down for ya!