Lucifer Season 5B Photos: God Looms Large, [Spoiler] Is Arrested, Dan Flies, a (Romantic?) Reunion and More

With one month to go until Lucifer returns with the back half of Season 5, TVLine has your exclusive first look at a flurry of new photos — each one more curious than the next.

Premiering Friday, May 28 on Netflix (watch new trailer above), “We pick up literally two seconds from where we ended,” DB Woodside told TVLine, with God (guest sar Dennis Haysbert) breaking up a fight between “children” Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Amenadiel (Woodside) and Michael (also Tom Ellis).

Having Dad walking the Earth, it goes without saying, is quite a thing. And as viewers will learn, he is not there simply to settle a sibling squabble. “When God comes, you know, a lot of chaos is going to follow…,” Woodside previewed. Among other things, “We’re finally going to dive into some of these storylines about the relationship between Lucifer and God, and the relationship between Amenadiel and God.”

Guest stars for Season 5B include Rob Benedict (aka Supernatural‘s own God) as a mercenary who lands in the crosshairs of Chloe and the LAPD; Friday Night Lights alum Scott Porter as Carol Corbett, a buttoned-up detective from Dan’s past who joins the LAPD and quickly strikes up a connection with Ella; Merrin Dungey (Alias) as Sonya, a no-nonsense cop who forms an unlikely bond with Woodside’s angel; and Brianna Hildebrand (Trinkets, The Exorcist) as Rory, a rebellious and angsty angel hoping to follow in Lucifer’s footsteps.

Check out the brand-new photos below, each accompanied by a fun, but non-spoilery, tease about what’s ahead….

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