10 LGBTQ+ Characters Who Proudly Made Waves on TV This Past Year

LGBTQ+ TV Characters 2022

For more than five decades, June has been designated as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a chance to celebrate all that the community has accomplished while recognizing the many struggles that still lie ahead.

In that spirit, TVLine would like to take a moment to honor just a small handful of the characters who have fought the good fight on the small screen this past year, often simply by existing as their authentic selves for all the world to see.

For this list, we looked back at shows and characters from the previous calendar year (aka between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022).

And this is by no means a collection of every LGBTQ+ triumph that TV has given us in the past 365 days. In fact, we encourage you to drop a comment with the characters that inspired you this year. If a show deserves recognition for its positive representation, we want to know!